The Kyoto Club
The project approaches the need for education concerning climate change processes and the ways of contributing to create a better environment and to slow down the damaging processes on the climate. Project objectives are: (1) setting up a functional network of schools on climate change issues, called the Kyoto Club; (2) coordinating the activity of Kyoto Club and assist each school and in developing and implementing its own work plan (NGOs will facilitate the exchange of experience within the network); (3) raising teachers' expertise on climate change; (4) Empowering kids to participate in climate change mitigation by energy saving practices.

Development period: May 2004 - April 2005.
Project supported by Kerkinactie Holland and AIDRom Romania.
Partners: TERRA Millennium III, Rhododendron, Floarea Reginei and Sighisoara Durabila.

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