The NGOs' Network for Disaster Prevention
The project purpose is to increase the Romanian NGOs' participation in disaster risk management through: 1) Strengthening environmental NGOs' ability to work within a network in order to diminish disaster risk, 2) Improving environmental NGOs' ability to get involved into the disaster risk management process at a local level and 3) Stimulating NGOs-public authorities collaboration in disaster risk management.

The project activities include the organization of The NGO network for disaster prevention, the publication of a working guide and the organization of training sessions for environmental NGOs, researches based on questionnaires, round tables for NGOs and public authorities, case studies, follow-up activities, the editing of a final report, as well as information dissemination through promotion materials and a media campaign. The target-groups of the project are the Romanian environmental NGOs, the central and local public authorities and the citizens.

Implementation period: January - December 2007.
Project supported by: The European Union through the Phare 2004 - Civil Society Program, 1st Component - Developing the NGO Sector.
Partners: TERRA Millennium III Foundation, the EcoLogic Association, the Ecologic Consultancy Center and the Green Origins Club. Ui-r0x1--

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