Mediation in the community
The project aims at promoting human rights through supporting the reform of the judicial system regarding the use of mediation as an alternative to court. It contributed to the implementation of mediation-related legislation (Law no. 192/2006) regarding the involvement of judiciary bodies in creating a system to identify cases that can be solved through mediation, to inform the parties in dispute and to refer cases to authorized mediators. The project also facilitates communication between Romanian and Europeans institutions, mediators and experts regarding the use of mediation to solve community-related problems such as domestic violence, ethnic discrimination or environmental protection.

The project target groups are prevention officers in local Police Inspectorates, NGOs and local public administration institutions working
on domestic violence, anti-discrimination and environmental issues.

Project activities include editing information materials on mediation and its legal framework in Romania; organizing 8 regional meetings (covering all the country) with police, NGO and public administration representatives; facilitating the organization, by the Police, of local (county) meetings using a special information pack; organizing an international conference and launching a final report on the project.

Development period: December 2007 - October 2008
Project supported by: The European Union through 2005 Phare Program - Consolidating Democracy in Romania.
Coordinating partner: The Foundation for Democratic Change. Yi-r0x1--

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