Think Green Policies

The project purpose is to support the development of environmental policies in Romania.


  • raising awareness on the need to include environmental protection on the political agenda;
  • improving consultation between environmental NGOs and politicians in the decision-making process;
  • raising awareness on the environmental content of the electoral agenda developed by most important political parties;
  • developing environmental NGO capacity to run advocacy campaigns regarding environmental policies.

Target groups: - environmental NGOs, member of the Parliament, representatives of political parties;


1. Environmental research and analysis to be able to elaborate recommendations for green policies:

  • The Green Barometer: research and analysis on the public opinion from Romanian municipalities, regarding environmental protection.
  • Environmental NGO barometer: analysis of the environmental NGOs' point of view on main environmental problems in Romania.
  • Environment in the electoral agenda 2008: analysis of the environmental components of main parties' electoral agendas for the national elections in 2008.
2. Publication of the research report and two other information materials.
3. Environmental NGO working session on advocacy and awareness campaigns regarding legislation and environmental policies in Romania. Launch of a competition for advocacy campaigns for Romanian environmental NGOs.
4. Logistical and financial support in implementation for winning advocacy campaigns. Informal meetings between NGOs and members of the Parliament were also organized.
5. Monitoring the parliamentary activity in the Chamber of Deputies, qualitative research on the way environmental issues are approached in specialized commissions of the Parliament.
6. Round tables regarding the campaigns and the results of the research, together with representatives of political parties and environmental NGOs.


Implementation period: june 2008 – November 2009
Coordinator: Terra Mileniul III
Partner: ALMA-RO Association
Project supported by: Climate Action Network Romania Funder: CEE Trust for Civil Society
Co-funder: The Open Society Foundation Romania


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