Integrity and Ethics in Public Management

The program beneficiaries are 45 young participants aged 18 to 35, NGO representatives, journalists, public servants, appointed officials or official elected, opinion leaders, professors, entrepreneurs, with high level decision makers’ positions within their organizations or institutions. They worked together in three local training sessions (Tg. Mures, Ploiesti and Iasi) and a final session (Bucharest) to create a regional platform of cooperation, good practices in public administration, with a special focus on identifying methods and common actions to curbing corruption.


The project has three modules:

  • MODULE A: Local training sessions in Targu Mures(May, 10-12), Ploiesti (May 17-19) and Iasi(May 31- June 2), consisting of three local training sessions (3 days each) on best practices in public administration, civic participation and common anti-corruption actions.
  • MODULE B: Tutorial and monitoring activities and long-distance advising for participants in elaborating their projects in partnership for the national contest.
  • MODULE C: The Final Session and the National Conference on Integrity and Ethics in Public Management (Bucharest, Romania), consisting of a public presentation of all projects realized, voting the 3 winning projects and the National Conference, when participants had the opportunity to meet with journalists, public administration and NGO representatives at national level.
Implementation period: March - July 2010.

Coordinator: Foundation for Pluralism.

Partner: ALMA-RO Association

Project funded by: The Balkan Trust for Democracy


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