Evaluating the impact of Environment Global Fund - Small Grants Program Romania 2004 - 2013

GEF SGP program activates in Romania from 2004, following to finalize the lasts operations till 2014. In total, there has been support for 90 projects, which were financed with over 3 million dollars, with a financing at least equal from the participating organizations. The value of the co-financing represents the guaranty of the responsibility of the financed organizations in the unfolding activities from the projects and is one of the main aspects that must be disseminated at national level.
Long term mission of the GEF Program for small grants in Romania is to contribute to obtaining global environment benefits with the help of actions taken at the community level, through projects implemented by the NGO-s and the community organizations for biodiversity preservation, climate changing negative effects reduction, international waters protection, durable management of terrain an persistent organic pollutants elimination.
The project fits in the thematic field of SGP, “Project for developing capacity”, has a time span of 20 months and it conducts at national level.

Purpose of project: increase of awareness regarding results of projects run in GEF SGP program for their integration, multiplication and dissemination.
Objectives of project:
- an improvement of the evaluation mechanism for the projects’ impact run by GEF SGP program between 2004 and 2013 in Romania;
- an increase of replication financing mechanism of GEF SGP tipe;
- an increase of promoting and disseminating good practices in GEF SGP program in Romania;
- ensuring optimum conditions for implementing SGP Operational Guide for closing GEF SGP program in Romania.

Targeted groups: representatives of GEF SGP program in Romania, of NGO-s which have implemented and still implement those 90 projects, financed through the GEF SGP mechanism in Romania in 2005-2013, management authorities and intermediate organisms of operational programs, NGO-s from Structural Funds Coalition, public institutions.

o creating and disseminating a report regarding the GEF SGP projects’ impact in Romania;
o organizing a focus group with NGO-s specialized in accessing structural funds in Romania;
o organizing a round table with representatives from management authorities/ intermediate organisms of operational programs for structural funds;
o elaborating a documentary film;
o national conference for promoting good practice in project implementation;
o GEF SGP document management, archiving and conserving them.

Implementing period: September 2012 – April 2014
Financing: GEF SGP (Global Environment Facility - Small Grants Program). GEF is a financial mechanism which operates in partnership with three implementing agencies of UN, United Nation’s Program for Developing (UNDP), United Nation’s Program for Environment (UNEP) and World Bank.

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