Between 30 and 31 of Mai, 2007, ALMA-RO Association organized a meeting in Sinaia, to set up the NGO Network for Disaster Prevention. The meeting was addressed to the Romanian environmental NGOs, trying to strengthen their capacity to operate as a network to diminish disaster risk.

The meeting was followed by a training session (from Mai 31 to June the 2nd) concerning disaster risk management. The objective of the training session was to offer the environmental NGOs' representatives the necessary abilities to work in the field of disaster prevention, bought through collaborating with the public administration and working with the local communities. These events represent two of the activities developed during the implementation of "The NGO Network for Disaster Prevention" project.







The "Environmental nongovernmental organizations and public authorities - together for preventing disasters" National Round Table took place on July 18th 2007, in Bucharest and was organized by ALMA-RO Association and TERRA Mileniul III Foundation in collaboration with The Institution of the Prefecture of Bucharest and supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest. This round table is one of the activities developed during the implementation of "The NGO network for disaster prevention" project.

The event was addressed to the representatives of NGOs and those of the public administrations who attended a first part of presentations regarding the project, the collaboration of The Institution of the Prefecture of Bucharest with the civil society and the NGO network for disaster prevention and a debate concerning the collaboration between the public authorities and the nongovernmental organizations, in their attempt to make their initiatives more visible and to find solutions for preventing disasters.


Between February and June 2007, six events called "NGO - Parliament Cafe" took place in Bucharest and gathered environmental nongovernmental organizations and members of the Chamber of Deputies. The six events tried to facilitate the dialogue between the parliamentaries and the environmental NGOs in order to improve the Romanian policy and legislation. All the meetings were included in "A Greener Parliament" project.


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