Autori: ALMA-RO Association
Data publicării: August 2010
Dimensiune: 184 Kb
The material was developed following the research ALMA-RO carried out regarding the National Buildings' Rehabilitation Programme and is destined to central public authorities responsible for this field.  [more]

Autori: Adrian Bădilă, Lavinia Andrei
Data publicării: August 2010
Dimensiune: 184 Kb
The document was elaborated following a research ALMA-RO undertook in the field of wind energy in Romania and is destined to central public authorities responsible for the use of renewable energy.  [more]

adadadaf  [more]

Autori: Adrian Bădilă, Anca Ciucă, Eliza Teodorescu
Data publicării: December 2007
Dimensiune: 100 Kb
The study summarized below was elaborated as part of the "Implementing the Law no. 192/2006 on mediation - a case study" Project. It makes an analysis of the state of play in the field and proposes a series of methods and instruments to improve the use of mediation in environmental conflicts. The study includes the results of a fields research undergone by ALMA-RO regarding the capacity of the local public administrations from municipalities to use mediation as an alternative method to approach environmental-related conflicts.  [more]

Autori: ALMA-RO
Data publicării: July 2007
Dimensiune: 88 Kb
The publication was elaborated by ALMA-RO Association during the following projects: "The NGO network for disaster prevention", supported by the European Union through the Phare 2004 - Civil Society program, 1st Component - Developing the NGO sector, and "Awareness campaign regarding disaster prevention", financed by the Environmental Fund.  [more]

imagine secundară
Editor: ALMA-RO Association
Data publicării: January 2006
Dimensiune: 388 Kb
The report was published at the end of the "Bucharest Metropolitan Area - a challenge for local administration" Project, developed by ALMA-RO and the Institute for Public Policy and funded by The Open Society Institute Budapest. It includes a presentation of project activities (and the results of the sociological research carried out by IPP), its results, conclusions and recommendations.  [more]

imagine secundară
Autori: Adrian Bădilă, Eliza Teodorescu
Data publicării: January 2005
Dimensiune: 271 Kb
The report was published during the homonymous project, developed by ALMA-RO Association between July 2004 and May 2005, which was funded by the US Embassy in Bucharest. It includes information about the concept of Code of Ethics, about its relationship to anti corruption policies, case studies and a detailed analysis of the study ALMA-RO underwent on a representative group of local and county councilors all over Romania.  [more]

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