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Founding the NGO Network for Disaster Prevention

Between 30 and 31 of Mai, 2007, ALMA-RO Association organized a meeting in Sinaia, to set up the NGO Network for Disaster Prevention. The meeting was addressed to the Romanian environmental NGOs, trying to strengthen their capacity to operate as a network to diminish disaster risk.

The meeting was followed by a training session (from Mai 31 to June the 2nd) concerning disaster risk management. The objective of the training session was to offer the environmental NGOs' representatives the necessary abilities to work in the field of disaster prevention, bought through collaborating with the public administration and working with the local communities. These events represent two of the activities developed during the implementation of "The NGO Network for Disaster Prevention" project.

The founding of the NGO Network for Disaster Prevention

- Participants:
The meeting took place between 30 and 31 of Mai, 2007 and gathered 21 participants, three of which were facilitators, one representative of The Institution of the Prefecture of Bucharest, one representative of The Red Cross, in Bucharest (6th sector) and 17 representatives of the NGOs who answered the questionnaires previously sent to them, including the four partners in the project (TERRA Mileniul III Foundation, The Ecologic Consultancy Center, The EcoLogic Association, The Green Origins Club).

- Issues addressed:
The discussions concentrated on establishing the most important aspects for the well functioning of the network:

  • Vision, mission, values and objectives of the network;
  • Action course for disaster prevention;
  • Types of activities for disaster prevention;
  • Operational mechanisms of the network.

- The conclusions insisted on:

  • Facilitating the communication between the public authorities and the community;
  • Involving the local communities in informational and awareness activities regarding the environment protection and disaster prevention;
  • Evaluating the community’s risk level and vulnerability through constant monitoring of possible disaster risks;
  • Elaborating a manual with practical advice for each possible disaster risk;
  • Running the network with informal status.

Training session on disaster risk management

- Participants:
The training session took place between Mai 31 and June the 2nd and gathered the same number of participants as the meeting for the founding of the NGO Network for Disaster Prevention.

- Sessions:

  • The disaster risk management;
  • The legal and institutional framework;
  • Working techniques for the local authorities;
  • Working techniques for the communities.

- The conclusions insisted on:

  • The importance of identifying the vulnerable communities and the areas exposed to disaster risk;
  • The need of informational and awareness activities regarding the importance of disaster risk management, at the base of the NGO – public authorities partnership;
  • The NGOs’ role to pressure the public authorities to consider with more interest the importance of early warning;
  • NGOs focusing on expertise and approaching specialists to elaborate plans and prepare interventions.


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